Tour Kidtelligent

Click through to see what it's like inside Kidtelligent.

1 Take a Survey

Survey screen

Start with our simple, 40-question survey to inform us what your child is like.

2Confirm Results

Confirm results screen

Once the survey is complete, read the summary and confirm the results.

3Child Overview

After completing the survey, watch a video with an overview of your child's personality. Also get an overview of the Kidtelligent system.

See video sample above.

4Personality Report

Personality Report screen

The Personality Profile Report provides a comprehensive overview of what you can expect at home, when learning, in activities, and with others.

5Learning Report

Learning Report screen

The Learning Style Report offers detailed, practical strategies for helping your child be successful in school.

6Sports Report

Personality Report screen

The Sports Profile Report offers detailed guidance on which sports may appeal to your child and how to help them excel.

7Read Advice

Advice screen

Kidtelligent provides targeted tips and advice for dealing with challenges that are unique to your child – including ideas from other parents.

8Make A Plan

Make a Plan screen

As you bookmark resources and tips that you would like to try, a customized plan for your child is automatically created.

9Discovery Zone for Kids

Personality Report screen

The Discovery Zone provides a place for your child to learn about their own unique strengths and what makes them so special!