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What is Kidtelligent? An amazing tool specifically tailored to help your kids succeed.
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It's often said that kids don't come with a user's manual. While this is true, there is a resource to take some of the "guess work" out of parenting: Kidtelligent.

We are a team of parents, educators, superintendents, coaches and mentors who believe that every child has the potential to achieve great things. It was this shared belief that brought us together to create a resource to help parents unlock their child's potential. Using 30 years of clinical data and personality research, Kidtelligent was designed to provide parents with valuable insight into their child's personality and natural capabilities and strengths and then help them determine the appropriate paths to success in all areas of life, including education, athletics, relationships, etc.

Unlike other available child personality resources, which utilize a one-size-fits-all approach, Kidtelligent uses a tailored approach to first understand the child and then, depending upon what is discovered, apply the approach that best fits that child. Every parent wants the best for their child but many struggle to understand how they can most effectively help their child succeed in all areas of life Kidtelligent is ideal for parents who want to stop the discipline battles, end the homework wars, and find the best career, hobby or sports fit for their child.

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Kidtelligent Leadership Team

In the Press

Roger Jansen, Ph.D.

Roger published his first research on what helps kids succeed in the early 1990s. Since that time, Roger has conducted significant research on children and families to understand what social, biological and personality-based factors influence a child's chances of success and life trajectory. In addition to this work, he successfully grew ThinkWise, a technology and organizational consulting firm which enabled individuals to use software to build their interpersonal skills. This background provided Roger with the skills and expertise to bring the world a resource that can help kids succeed by leveraging their natural strengths and talents. Roger has a PhD in Psychology from The University of Illinois at Chicago and has also completed his coursework for his MA in Education. Roger serves as the CEO of ThinkWise, an organizational technology and consulting firm, based in Grand Rapids, MI. He is the father of three children, and he is a Kidtelligent Explorer.

Craig Tiggleman

Craig received his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior from Miami University (Ohio.) He is a founding board member and investor in a human capital and organizational psychology firm. Craig serves on the board of directors for Davenport University Foundation and the West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology, which is focused on keeping inner city children engaged in school through art, technology, and mentoring. He further supports the community through a number of art and education-based non-profit organizations. The CEO of his third-generation family business, Craig is the father of two children and is a Kidtelligent Strategizer.

Jeff Tiggleman

Jeff is the father of four children. He is involved in several community-based organizations that celebrate and promote the arts and education. Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English from Indiana University. He is an investor in a human capital and organizational psychology firm and is the President of his third-generation family business. Jeff is a Kidtelligent Philosopher.

Shonn Colbrunn

Shonn first began teaching others about personality types as a peer educator while in college. His BA in Psychology from Hope College and MA in Adult Instruction and Performance Technology from the University of Michigan led him to work as a specialist in organizational development and training at various companies. Most recently, he architected an online learning platform with ThinkWise, a technology and organizational consulting firm, to help adults learn about their own personality and how to best interact with different coworkers. Shonn's other important job is as the dad of triplets. Shonn is a Kidtelligent Achiever.

Kidtelligent Board of Advisors:

Bert Bleke - Former Superintendent Grand Rapids Public Schools

Bert has been a leader and educator in public education and non-profit organizations for over 40 years. Bert worked as a teacher and administrator in various school systems, eventually becoming the Superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools, the second-largest district in Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Valparaiso University, advanced degrees from Michigan State University, and an honorary Doctor of Education from Aquinas College. Bert is presently the Interim President of the United Way of Western Michigan.

Linda Chamberlain, Ph.D. - Senior Vice President, Global Forex(R), LTD.

Dr. Chamberlain received both her BS and Doctorate degrees in chemistry with honors from Purdue University. For over twenty years, Dr. Chamberlain has led technical development teams at Shell Development Company, Allied Signal, and Johnson Controls, where she was appointed JCI's Global Executive Director of New Product and Business Development. For seven years prior to her current role at Global Forex, LTD., Dr. Chamberlain served as Executive Director of the West Michigan Science & Technology Initiative, a business accelerator focused on commercialization of life science products and technologies, and Executive Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Grand Valley State University. In addition, Dr. Chamberlain is the owner and principle of InnoValuation(R), a company that focuses on ensuring companies have the processes and tools to extract the full value of their best innovations.

Jane Kise, Ed.D. - Educational Advisor and Consultant

Jane is an educational consultant, specializing in teambuilding, coaching, and school staff development. She is also the coauthor of more than 20 books, including Creating a Coaching Culture Within Your Professional Learning Community (Solution Tree, 2010), Differentiated Coaching: A Framework for Helping Teachers Change, Differentiation Through Personality Types, Introduction to Type and Coaching, LifeKeys and Work it Out. Jane has worked with diverse organizations across the United States and in Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand. Her clients include Minneapolis Public Schools and various public and private schools, The Bush Foundation, Twin Cities Public Television, and numerous other institutions. She is a frequent workshop speaker and past president of the Association for Psychological Type International. She also is a reviewer for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Jane holds a BA from Hamline University, an MBA from the University of Minnesota, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of St. Thomas. She and her family live in Minneapolis.

Jim McLean - Retired CEO of Meijer Inc, and superintendent of Forest Hills Public Schools
Peter Ruppert - President and CEO of American Education Group

Pete is the founder and CEO of American Education Group, which operates a network of private schools across the Pre-K through 12th grade space focused on specializing and customizing the educational delivery system based on the needs of individual students. Pete's background includes high growth success in education and health care companies and multi-industry experience in the management-consulting sector. He holds a BA in Economics from DePauw University and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business. Pete and his wife, Jessica, have four children. He is actively involved in the community and is on the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the East Grand Rapids School Board, and the DePauw University Board of Visitors.

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