For kids ages 7-13

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What Kidtelligent
does for you.

  • Reduce the discipline battles
  • Stop the homework wars
  • Help your child fit in with friends
  • Find a great sports fit
  • Glance into future educational and career ideas

A Roadmap to help
every child Succeed

Help your child gain a competitive edge by understanding their unique strengths and challenges. Think of it as a personalized roadmap for your child.

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Specifically Tailored

Going above and beyond the traditional book or seminar, the Kidtelligent system uses a scientifically-based approach to inform you and your child about what is unique about them. With this tailored and personalized information in hand, the Kidtelligent system helps give you and your child insights and resources that can propel them to success.

Behind Kidtelligent

We are parents, educators, superintendents, coaches and mentors who believe every child can achieve great things.

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